ETD Lifecycle Management

The MetaArchive cooperative is pleased to officially announce successful conclusion of the Lifecycle Management of Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETDs) project, which was generously funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).
The ETD Lifecycle Management Project offers ETD Lifecycle Guidance Documents and Management Tools. The Lifecycle Management Tools are a documented suite of both new and existing open-source tools for better managing electronic theses & dissertations (ETDs).

Guidance Documents for Lifecycle Management of ETDs have received incredible uptake by the ETD community, with special thanks to the NDLTD for hosting and disseminating the publication. Guidance Documents

ETD Lifecycle Management Tools Manual is a wonderfully useful contribution to the field – helping to raise awareness about the importance of using curation and preservation technologies on behalf of ETDs. Management Tools

ETD Lifecycle Management Workshop has also been extremely well attended at major ETD conferences (TxETDA, USetdA, ETD) and has helped to further the use of both the Guidance Documents and the Lifecycle Management Tools.

Each of the above deliverables is freely available under open source and Creative Commons licenses. They can be obtained on the Educopia Institute website and the NDLTD website.

The USETDA encourages the ETD community and any other interested stakeholders in the scholarly production process to obtain or request the materials for usage and adoption.

ETDplus Guidance Briefs

These Guidance Briefs have been authored by the ETDplus project team as short (3-4 page) “how-to” oriented briefs that will help ETD/IR programs build and nurture supportive relationships with student researchers.

ETDplus Toolkit

The ETD+ Toolkit provides free introductory training resources on crucial data curation and digital longevity techniques. It has been designed as a training series to help students and faculty identify and offset risks and threats to their digital research footprints.