About the USETDA

The United States Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Association (USETDA) is a non-profit association in higher education, established in October of 2009 by a group of interested ETD professionals within the United States. The mission of USETDA is to provide information on best practices, develop and disseminate important information on ETD initiatives, support the development of state-wide ETD associations, bring ETD professionals together at the local level to network and improve ETD operations, educate and make others aware of ETD issues, and support the expansion of the NDLTD and other international ETD initiatives.


The vision of the USETDA is to link ETD professionals to information, each other and the world. The organization seeks to support ETD professionals and initiatives at a local, national and international level by enhancing operations in the workplace, advancing ETD technologies and support, and enriching ETD professions.


The mission of the USETDA is to support ETD professionals and ETD programs in the U.S. by enabling and encouraging the establishment of state-wide ETD associations, linking individuals and associations, developing and disseminating information of importance on best practices, increasing educational services to ETD programs, increasing ETD program productivity and cost savings, and supporting the expansion of the NDLTD and other international ETD initiatives including digitization and digital preservation initiatives, institutional repository development and the promotion of online open access distribution of academic research materials.


The organization has several objectives including:

  • to facilitate information sharing among ETD professionals
  • to improve the overall ETD operations in both Graduate Colleges and libraries, increasing cost savings and enhance productivity
  • to establish and disseminate “best practices” for ETD programs and statewide associations operation
  • to provide mechanisms and resources that effectively inform students, faculty and ETD professionals about important ETD concepts, issues, and initiatives
  • to create a network of ETD professionals to call upon when problem solving
  • to assist other states in implementing statewide associations that would support, encourage and assist local ETD professionals in developing and improving ETD programs within their states
  • to support and encourage membership in the international ETD consortium, the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD)

Charitable Non-Profit Organization

USETDA is a public 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. Contributions to the USETDA are tax deductible for individuals and organizations.

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