USETDA 2016 Conference – Discovering Connections: Illuminating the World

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The USETDA has announced USETDA 2016, the 6th annual conference to be held September 26 – 28 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Columbus, Ohio, hosted by the Ohio ETD Association and OhioLINK.

USETDA 2016 is for ETD professionals from graduate schools, libraries, academic computing and others who work with ETDs. Our goal is to offer relevant, practice-oriented content to support ETD productivity improvement, ETD professionals, advance ETD operations, and encourage the formation of state-wide ETD associations in the United States.

Complete conference information is available by following the resource links at the top of this Web page or in the right side-bar index.

Other Conference Resources

  • USETDA 2016 Attendees List (forthcoming)

USETDA 2016 Conference Planning Committee

  • Susan Banoun, Co-Chair (University of Cincinnati Libraries)
  • Sally Evans (George Mason University)*
  • John Hagen (Renaissance Scholarly Communications)*^
  • Lou Haines, Co-Chair (Miami University Graduate School)*
  • Emily Hicks, Co-Chair (University of Dayton Libraries)^
  • Matt Mariner, Program Committee Chair (Auraria Library, Denver, CO)*^
  • Angela McCutcheon (USETDA Ex-Officio Board member)*
  • Robert Parker (University of Florida Graduate School)*
  • Christy Shorey (University of Florida Libraries)*
  • Stacy Wallace (University of Florida Graduate School)*

*USETDA Board Member
^Program Committee Member

Local Organizing Committee Members

  • Teri (Teresa) Green, University of Toledo (OhioLINK ETD Council)
  • Carol Gundrum, University of Cincinnati
  • Joan Milligan, University of Dayton
  • Sandra Enimil, Ohio State University (OhioLINK ETD Council member)
  • Tim Watson, Ohio State University (OETDA board member, OhioLINK ETD Council Chair)
  • Emily Flynn, OhioLINK
  • Sevim McCutcheon, Kent State University (OhioLINK ETD Council member)

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