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NDLTD Travel Scholarship ProgramETD2017 Symposium

Travel grants for delegates to attend the ETD annual symposium are an investment in ETDs worldwide.  The NDLTD believes it is important that delegates from all nations have an opportunity to attend the annual conference and generally provides funding (amount varies) for scholarships.  Final decisions about Travel Scholarship awards are the responsibility of the ETD2017 Local Conference Organizing Committee.

Program Guidelines:

  • Scholarships may be provided for: travel, lodging, and/or conference registration fees.
  • To receive travel funding a candidate must be from a developing country and must provide a letter of support from their superior noting that the conference is of particular interest to the institution. The applicant must also provide a short (two to three page) report on follow up plans to implement an ETD program at their institution.
  • Since funding for travel grants is scarce and in order to ensure that as many institutions in developing countries as possible are able to benefit from attending the ETD annual symposium, the Local Conference Organizing Committee should ensure that, except in very special circumstances, the same institution does not receive a travel grant to more than one symposium. Requests for second time funding should be referred to the NDLTD Conference Standing Committee for review and consideration. The same guideline applies to individuals applying for second time funding whether they are at their original institutions or have moved to a new one.
  • The candidate’s institution must be willing to provide some portion of the travel budget at least equivalent to the domestic portion of the trip.
  • Candidates for lodging support need not necessarily be from developing countries, but must demonstrate need of financial support. Where lodging support is provided this will be at whatever level is deemed appropriate by the Local Conference Organizing Committee.
  • Conference registration fee scholarships should be available to any candidates deemed appropriate. These scholarships may be full scholarships (waiver) or partial scholarships (reduced fees). For planning purposes, the Local Conference Organizing Committee may want to designate how many conference fee scholarships are feasible given a certain level of registration. These scholarships may be helpful in promoting the conference with local institutions which would like to send more than one person but which cannot afford full price for all of them.
  • Please provide a letter of support from a senior member of staff confirming that your attendance at ‘ETD2017’ would be of benefit to your institution. Reference letters (preferably a scanned copy (PDF) on institutional letterhead) should be sent to
  • The Local Conference Organizing Committee has established a process for evaluating and awarding the scholarships which allows for fair review but also provides sufficient time for the recipient to make travel plans. The deadline for application submissions is March 31, 2017. Recipients will receive notification by April 21, 2017.
  • At the time recipients of travel grants submit their final expense claims to the Local Conference Organizing Committee they are also required to submit a short (one page) report on how attendance benefited them and what action(s) they will be able to implement at their home institutions. Outstanding expense claims must not be settled until the reports are received.  Note that the requirement to submit a report applies to all recipients of travel grants even if their expenses were paid before the conference.  Reports must be submitted no later than three months after the conference has taken place and the Local Conference Organizing Committee should indicate a specific deadline on the application.  The reports will be made available to sponsoring organizations if requested.
  • Funds will be disbursed upon presentation of original receipts with expense reports on a reimbursement basis only. No cash advances will be provided. Scholarship recipients must attend the conference to receive reimbursement.

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