Copyright Resources

Beall’s List of Predatory Open-Access Publishers
This is a list of questionable, scholarly open-access publishers. I recommend that scholars not do any business with these publishers, including submitting articles, serving as editors or on editorial boards, or advertising with them. Also, articles published in these publishers’ journals should be given extra scrutiny in the process of evaluation for tenure and promotion. Beall’s List:

Copyright Crash Course

Copyright Crash Course was developed by Georgia Harper and this a guide that provides an overview of important copyright issues. Copyright Crash Course:

Copyright Law and Graduate Research Guide
Copyright Law and Graduate Research Guide provided by ProQuest/UMI includes an overview of copyright, information about protecting your copyright, how to request permission, and more.

Digitization 101: CopyrightX Lectures
The open course on copyright from Harvard, which was prepared and delivered by Prof. William Fisher was made available to the public, along with other resources.

Plagiarism Detection Services
Turnitin is partnering with ProQuest to include more than 300,000 dissertations and theses into the Turnitin comparison database. This addition enhances Turnitin’s repository of 20 billion current and archived web pages, 200 million student papers and more than 110 million articles from scholarly publications.

Turnitin customers can compare documents against the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Database as part of a new premium content offering called “Turnitin Research.” The offering consists of Turnitin bundled with iThenticate, the leading plagiarism checker for scholarly publishers, as well as the ProQuest content. More information about iThenticate:

ProQuest/UMI Copyright Guide
The ProQuest/UMI Copyright Guide provides information on how to avoid copyright infringement and the guide includes sample permission letters that can be sent to the copyright holder. ProQuest Copyright Guide: